Based on the Gold Coast since 2007, the Old Boys Gospel Band's main mission is to present 'Second Chance Concerts' inside Queensland’s Correctional Centres.

Working closely with the State Government’s Queensland Correctional Services Department, the Old Boys Gospel Band supports and assists the Christian Service efforts of prison Chaplains, through positive live performance.

Bringing a message of truth and hope to men and women of all ages who, just like these Old Boys, need to be rescued, refreshed and restored is the band’s primary goal.

Many inmates have attended the 75 plus concerts performed in the state’s Correctional Centres and have enjoyed the band’s encouraging and ever-growing set list of a mix of gospel and mainstream music.

Including classic rock songs by the Doobie Brothers and the Eagles, the band’s set list is specifically chosen to encourage the listener to consider and then explore positive life-changing options.

Known to fans as OBGB for short, the band has also accepted numerous invitations from Churches in the South-East Queensland region and beyond to present and lead morning and evening services.

A break from routine, the OBGB’s church services are well received and usually include: a prison style worship segment, testimonials from ex-inmates and band members, informative segments by a Prison Chaplain or Volunteer Worker, as well as brief sermons.

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